New Jersey Ancient Order of Hibernians (NJ AOH) President Supports Coogan’s Way Film in New Jersey Film Festival

 President Supports Coogan’s Way Film in New Jersey Film Festival
Asbury Park – Asbury Lanes 209 4th Avenue Declares March Irish History MonthRichard S. O’Brien, State President shares his support for “Coogan’s Way” as one of many New Jersey Irish cultural events in March!
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New Jersey Film Festival – Asbury Park
March is Irish History Month, and the Ancient Order of Hibernians encourages the celebration by viewing the film “Coogan’s Way” as part of the New Jersey Film Festival.
“Coogan’s an Irish pub in Upper Manhattan – Washington Heights was Headquarters to Dominicans, African Americans, Jews and yes, the Irish/AOH!,’’ says Richard S. O’Brien, state president of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH). “If you had a problem, needed medical advice, needed a safe place to meet and talk, relax with your family, or just go a drink and listen to Irish music played by a Jewish guitarist, this was your place.” President O’Brien adds: “I encourage everyone to attend this event and learn about what three people can do to change a city. The AOH members hosted their division meetings there and thousands of Irish Leaders, including Gerry Adams visited. I know many NJ AOH members frequented Coogan’s and loved the comradery.”Coogan’s is like the bars many Hibernians grew up with back in Elizabeth, Bayonne, Jersey City, Newark, Belmar, South Amboy, Trenton, Hoboken, etc. It was a place to go if you needed a job, had a problem with City Hall, needed to figure out a water bill or just wanted to meet the locals. This is a modern-day story that recalls many of our memories, and more importantly teaches those without such memories what actually takes place in an Irish bar!
The founders Tess McDade, Peter Walsh and Dave Hunt created this concept in a neighborhood that was on few individuals’ radar screens back in 1995. It was tough section of Manhattan rife with drugs and other crime, but these individuals made Coogan’s work. They fought and survived the crack and cocaine wars. On occasion, it was a haven during civil unrest staying open 24-hours, offering food and safety to all. On one occasion the NYPD and a local civic group worked out their differences and a peace treaty was agreed on.
Coogan’s Way is featured at the 2022 New Jersey Film Festival in Asbury Park on Saturday, March 26th at 8:30 pm. For tickets and more information go to Film guide | Garden State Film Festival 2022! Click here for details on the movie and tickets Coogan’s Way | Garden State Film Festival Virtual 2022! (
Coogan’s founders Peter Wash, Tess McDade and Dave Hunt will be at Kim Marie’s for a Meet Up at 5 p.m., prior to the viewing. Please come join them for beers, great food, and many stories about Coogan’s. They’ll want to hear your stories too.
This is just one of many Irish events taking place in New Jersey in March – “Irish History Month!”