Board Members

The New Jersey State Board is made up of elected officers that act as the executive board, appointed officers who support the elected officers, and a series of special committees that handle the more specialized endeavors of the State Board.


Chaplain Father Kenneth Hallahan S.T.D. of Sacred Heart Church of Camden, NJ
Past Chaplains Father Brian Patrick Woodrow; Diocese of Trenton Mercer County Hospitals
Father Daniel Cahill; St Ann’s Keansburg

Elected Officers

President Rich O’ Brien  [Reports]
Vice President Kevin Jackson
Treasurer Leo McGuire
Secretary James McNally

Appointed Officers

Organizer Bill Young
Marshall Mike Sweeney
Sentinel Finbar Kirby, James Brogan
Standing Committee Tom Verlensa

Special Committees

Historian Alan Delozier
Immigration Malachy McAllister
Constitution and By Laws Jim Miller
Right-To-Life John Hughes
Hibernian Hunger Project Dave Doran
Political Action Mike Glass
Missions and Charities Jim Morris
Bereavement Kevin Jackson
Veteran Affairs Leo P McGuire
Comodore Barry Rich Quinn
Freedom For All Ireland (FFAI) Sean Pender
Website & Social Media Mike Burke, Sean Kane
Anti-Defamation George Moore, Leo McGuire
Conventions Dennis McInerney (2016 natl), Howie Geiler (2017 state)
Non-Profit Committee Kevin Weldon
Public Relations EJ Campbell
Catholic Action George Hayes

Past State Board Presidents

Larry Prelle (2017-2021) Sean Hughes (2015-2017)
Sean Pender (2011-2015) Jere Cole (2007-2011) Jack Sullivan (2005-2007)
William Young (2001-2005) James McFarland (1999-2001) Peter O’Neill (1997-1999)
Brian Phillips (1995-1997) Francis Hogan (1975-1979) James Tierney (1972-1975)
Robert Fastow (1968-1970) Gene Byrne (1966-1968) Bernard McCreesh (1964-1966)
 John Kelly (1958-1960) Jack Crosson Ralph Hodges
Tom Corcoran Ford Weiss