Burlington 4

The Division was organized in 2011 in Cinnaminson. The Division’s patron, Mike Doyle, was known in the Irish community for his unselfish and unfaltering commitment to a united Ireland. He managed over 20 bars in Philadelphia and was so strong in his support for a united Ireland that many called him “Ireland’s Philadelphia Man”.

Division Name: Mike Doyle
Website: http://aohmikedoylediv4.com/

Div4 Supports Local Charity

Members of the Mike Doyle Division 4 in Burlington County have put their support behind the Jane Weilenbeck Needy Family Fund. This charity is a nonprofit based out of Cinnaminson NJ that focus on supplying money, goods and food to those in need in the immediate area – not just during the holiday season but […]

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The Monitor Writes About Burlington 4 Efforts

Brothers from Burlington 4 have been working to promote the AOH.  The Monitor recently recognized t[...]

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New Burlington County Division: Mike Doyle Div. 4, Cinnaminson

There is a a new A.O.H. Division in Cinnaminson, Burlington County founded by Bill Brennan and Bob T[...]

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John Barry Day

The 5th annual commemoration for Commodore John Barry is coming up. The wreath laying will be held o[...]

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