Commodore John Barry Day, September 12, 2021

Once again, the time has arrived, for our 46th annual Commemoration for Commodore John Barry will be held on Sunday, September 12th.
The Commodore John Barry Memorial Mass will be at 10:00am at:

Old St Mary’s Church (Holy Trinity Church)
252 S. 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
In lieu of our mass at the hall. Father Ken works Sundays.
The wreath laying and ceremony at 12:00 pm at:

The Commodore Barry Bridge Plaza
Rt. 322 and the Commodore Barry Bridge
Bridgeport, NJ
Followed by a refreshment at our Club at 1pm:

Gloucester County A.O.H. / Fort Mercer Club and Hall
200 Columbia Blvd
National Park, NJ 08063
This is an open invitation for all A.O.H. / L.A.O.H. Divisions, and All Americans who value their freedom… especially those who live in the Delaware Valley.
Gloucester County A.O.H. is proud to be the official Division to host Barry Day in NJ. Barry Day celebrates the life and accomplishments of Commodore John Barry the first flag officer of the US Navy.