Call for the 2023 NJAOH State Convention

According to the State By-Laws, 

The State Convention shall be composed of the following delegates:
  • Officers (elected)
  • Chairmen (appointed)
  • County Boards (each officer total 8) – However, each County Board shall also be entitled to an additional delegate for each 100 members in their County or major fraction thereof  (51 members or more) in excess of 100 members.
  • Division Presidents – However, each division receives one vote for every 15 members or major fraction. Major fraction for example means, say if a division has 23 members, they receive one for the first 15 and then one vote for the next eight (eight or a number higher, but less than 15 is a major fraction)
  • Past State Presidents, who are members of the Order in good standing, will be invited to attend the State Conventions as delegates. Past State Presidents said representation shall be in addition to the other delegates already provided for in this section.
I attached the By-Laws for you. It is in Article 11 (page 18).
If you have any questions, please let me know.
New Jersey State AOH
Constitution and By-Laws Chairman