Take Action Now To Defeat Nast Nomination

Brothers our order traces our roots back to the 16th century in Ireland when noble men protected our church and heritage. One hundred and seventy five years ago in our country Irish Catholic men once again stood up to protect those that would want to destroy our church, faith and heritage.

Today the AOH is once again called upon to protect our faith and our heritage this time not with weapons and fists but with our voices and
actions. We need you to answer this call to action.

As many of you may know the New Jersey Hall of Fame has nominated an Irish Catholic Bigot, Thomas Nast as a potential 2012 inductee to the Hall. We have voiced our displeasure regarding this issue and have received a tremendous amount of press coverage. Unfortunately the NJ Hall of Fame has told us that they will NOT remove Nast from the list of nominees so we need to continue our protest. No other nationality or religion would stand for this type of prejudice and bigotry and we as Irish Catholics cannot either.  Read Background Information

We need all members to voice their concern to the NJ Hall of Fame and to vote against Nast, this should take about three to five minutes of your time.

As an AOH member I am asking that you do the following:

  1. I ask that all Brothers call, email and/or write Don Smith, Executive director of the NJ Hall of Fame to express your disappointment in this horrible nomination and ask for it to be immediately withdrawn: Don Smith Executive Director, NJ Hall of Fame contact information:
    Office 973)-648-0516
    Email: [email protected]
    New Jersey Hall of Fame
    c/o Charles Edison Fund
    1037 Raymond Boulevard, Suite 340
    Newark, NJ 071020We need to keep the heat on the NJ Hall of Fame and let them know that we will not back down and do not accept their decision and that we will not go away.
  2. Tell members, family and friends to vote the New Jersey hall of fame, it is very easy and takes seconds Visit http://www.njhalloffame.org/nominationform/voting2.phpall that you need to do is list your name, residents of other states ARE allowed to vote.There are five categories to vote for; vote for one nominee in each category and in the GENERAL category where Nast is VOTE for anyone else. Part of the effect the publicity of our efforts has got is that Nast has received attention so we need to DEFEAT him at the ballot.
  3. Contact your local NJ Assembly man and NJ Senator (to locate that information visit http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/legsearch.asp) Voice your displeasure regarding the issue and ask that they contact either the office of:Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo Democrat 14th District Or Assemblyman Scott Rumana Republican 40th district and that your representative add their name to the bipartisan letter they have sponsored requesting that the NJ Hall of Fame remove Nast from the list of nominees.
  4. Send a Letter to the editor of your local newspaper expressing your outrage and concerns  about it. Usually letters are 200-300 words and can be easily e-mailed
    Star Ledger
    Asbury Park Press
    Bergen Record
    Al Doblin
    Home News Tribune
    Atlantic City Press

Brothers I need to be able to count on you to complete these tasks, ALL of NJ must be heard from on this important issue.

All the best

Sean Pender
NJ AOH President