Pro-Life Cradle and Baby Bottle Project

At the May, 2013 New Jersey State AOH Convention, the State Officers voted to initialize a mechanism that would involve greater numbers of Hibernians in a dynamic Pro-Life agenda. As the newly appointed State Pro-Life Chairman I am honored to serve the needs of frightened, pregnant young women and their unborn infants. Passionately, I enlist your support and generosity in this sacred endeavor. Sacred? Yes, remember what the Lord, GOD said, “I knew you before I formed you in the womb”.

But, In light of Pope Francis’s recent comments regarding the church’s focus on Life issues “WHY” should we care about young Mother’s and their unborn infants. What is in it for us? We are doing God’s work here on earth. We are giving young women and young men alternatives to abortion by providing funds for safe shelter environments and allowing women to continue with their education, providing adoption counseling and reconciliation through the Rachel Program.

The symbolism of the Cradle and Baby Bottle Project is based on the ancient concept of a covered resting place to protect and warm the infant after birth and the baby bottle the source of life sustaining nutrition. We will use these symbols as props to raise the funds to support the shelters and programs to save both the women and the infants.

We are asking you to take the baby bottles, give them to your membership to fill them with coin or paper of the realm and return the bottles at the December State Board Meeting and bring or sent the funds to Pat Jockel, at 2607 Grassy Hollow Drive, Toms River, NJ 08755.

And, I ask permission of the NJ Festival Chairmen if the Cradle and pro-life sign could be displayed at the festival entrants to collect money for the project in 2014. The Mother’s thank you, the baby’s thank you and I thank you!

John Hughes
NJAOH Right To Life Chairman