Nominating Fr. Solanus Casey For The Irish American Hall of Fame

NJAOH in conjunction with NY and MI submit nomination for Fr. Solanus Casey’s induction into the Irish American Hall of Fame

State officials from NJ, NY, and MI have submitted a nomination that Fr. Solanus Casey be inducted into the 2014 class of the Irish American Hall of Fame for the Religion category. Inductees for the 2014 Class will be announced in February 2014. A black-tie dinner celebrating the new inductees will take place next June in Chicago.

From their website, the mission of the Irish American Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor the outstanding contributions of Irish Americans to society in the areas of Arts & Humanities, Business & Industry, Public Service, Sports, Religion, Education and Science. The Irish American Hall of Fame will also pay tribute to exemplary Americans of Irish heritage who have truly shaped the Irish American identity in the United States.

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Below is a copy of the text submitted to the IAHF in support of Fr. Solanus Casey:

Please describe the candidate’s contribution to the United States, advancement of Irish culture in the U.S. and record of achievement within the category selected.

Fr. Solanus Casey is a candidate to become the first (Irish) American male born saint.

Father Solanus’ cause for sainthood was opened in 1982. In 1995, Pope John Paul II declared Father Casey to be venerable, the second step in the path to sainthood. Many miraculous cures have been associated with Father Solanus’ intercession, both when he was alive and after his death. Pilgrims from around the world continue to make pilgrimages to the tomb of Father Solanus Casey.

Author Donald Wittmer wrote, in the Catholic Journal, the following about Fr. Solanus Casey: “Fr. Solanus counseled hundreds of thousands needy and distressed people during his lifetime. His prayers and guidance helped sustain many families during the Polio Epidemic and WWII. He made himself available every waking moment of the day. Politicians, prelates, street people, the poor, the afflicted, the oppressed, the spiritually destroyed, Communists, the vice ridden, the whole tide of suffering humanity flowed into Casey’s little office. From Montreal’s Brother Andre to Detroit’s Mayor Frank Murphy waited their turns, sitting on metal chairs outside his office. All received the same openhearted welcome. He challenged them to an expression of faith and he sent them all away renewed and refreshed”.

Upon his death in 1957 an estimated 20,000 people attended his funeral in Detroit.

In 1986 at their National Convention in Buffalo, NY, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, America’s oldest Irish Catholic Fraternal Organization, passed a resolution sponsored by their MI and NY divisions to promote the sainthood of Fr. Solanus Casey. The resolution, in part, reads the following:

Whereas Fr. Solanus Casey, O.F.M. Capuchin dedicated his life to helping the poor and serving his Church and Country, by his saintly bearing though numerous good deeds and…

Whereas the soup kitchens he started are still in operation with the support of the A.O.H. and serve as a model for the entire Country and…

Whereas Fr. Casey was a dedicated supporter of a peacefully united Ireland and…

Whereas his simple manners, his healing powers, and his love of Irish music his Irish Heritage made him a wonderful example to all who knew him Catholic and non-Catholic alike and…

Whereas Fr. Solanus Casey is an Irish American who is a serious candidate for sainthood and…

Whereas he was born Bernard Casey in Prescott, WI, the son of Bernard Casey of Carrickmacross, County Monaghan and Ellen Murphy Casey. As a Capuchin, Father Casey served in the states of New York, Minnesota, Indiana, and Michigan. This first generation Irish American spent the greater part of his priestly life in Detroit, Michigan.

Now therefore be it resolved: that The Ancient Order of Hibernians go on record has supporting the candidacy for Sainthood of Father Solanus Casey. And further, actively promote and do all in its power to advance his cause for sainthood, recognizing that such achievement would do great honor and provide inspiration to the Irish in America.

In our continuing efforts to support this resolution and to raise awareness about this humble servant of God we, the state officials of the A.O.H. representing MI, NY, and NJ, respectfully submit the nomination of Fr. Solanus Casey to the 2014 Class of Irish American Hall of Fame for the Religion Category.

Thank you for your consideration.