NJAOH Calls For Cancellation Of Bill Maher Show

TV host Bill Maher has a long history of using his public platforms to spout offensive, defamatory anti-Catholic rhetoric. His remarks range stating that Catholicism is “entirely destructive to the human race” to calling the Pope a Nazi pedophile.  He seems to never miss an opportunity to use the most graphic terms possible to paint all clergy as pedophiles.  The Catholic League has cataloged many of his offensive remarks over the past 15 years (Available Here).

When he is not making statements himself, he is using his show as a venue to promote guests with similar anti-Catholic agendas.  His recent show on Nov 22 featured a writer and gay activist named Dan Savage.  Mr Maher used an out of context statement from a Bishop as the pretext to incite Mr Savage to go on a several minute rant that characterized all clergy as “kiddie-f***ing Catholic priests.”  While Mr Maher did not make comments during this rant, he laughed and smiled in apparent enjoyment of the hate speech that he was able to provoke. (Link to Show Segment)

NJAOH Catholic Action Chairman, John Keane, has sent a letter to HBO urging them to cancel this outlet for defamatory and offensive material.  A letter is listed below.  All AOH members and members of the Catholic community are urged to take similar action to speak out against these constant attacks.


November 25, 2013

Dear Sir,

As Catholic action Chairman for The New Jersey State board of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the oldest and largest Irish Catholic Fraternal organization in the United States, I ask that Bill Maher be held responsible for the statement he made on the November 22 edition of the HBO show, “Real Time with Bill Maher” Mr Maher’s comments are extremely offensive to all Catholics. We ask that Mr Maher and his show be removed from the HBO programming scheduling immediately. The remarks that were made that episode are one of some 54 anti-Catholic statements made by Bill Maher on TV. The remarks are also reflective on HBO, whom should be also held responsible as Mr Maher’s employer. We will continue to monitor this issue involving Mr Maher and his hateful anti-Catholic remarks and will remain steadfast about his removal.

John M. Keane Jr
Ancient Order of Hibernians
Catholic Action Chairman
New Jersey State Board