New Irish Play – Discounts For AOH Members

The NJAOH has a discounted rate for a new Irish play in New York City called “Brendan at the Chelsea” that is starting in September. Please make sure when signing up for tickets you use the special code.

Legendary Dublin writer Brendan Behan returns to his adopted home of New York in the form of Brendan at the Chelsea, a warm and funny drama from Belfast’s Lyric Theatre, staring Adrian Dunbar in his New York stage debut.

It is 1960’s New York in the bohemian Chelsea Hotel, Arthur Miller is just across the hall and the symphony of 24th Street is rising up and in through the open window of Brendan Behan’s room. He is broke, hung over and way past the delivery date of his latest book, the first line of which he is yet to write. Then a wire arrives from Dublin with the kind of news that’s guaranteed to put his blood pressure through the roof!

The multi-actor play runs for five weeks, Sept. 4 through Oct. 6, at the Acorn Theatre in Theatre Row, 410 W 42nd St. AOH members can purchase tickets at a 20 percent discount for performances through Sept. 18 by going to and using ticket code TRAOH.