More Committee Appointments

The NJAOH is proud to announce the following new committee chairmen:

Missions and Charity
Jim Morris out of Gloucester 1 has agreed to be Missions and Charity Chairman for the NJAOH. This is a critical job to keep track of all the good works that each division, County Board and State does to help the community. Christian Charity is in our motto and is core to our organization’s mission.  Jim will ensure that we are constantly perusing charitable endeavors at the state level and will assist the county and local divisions in doing the same.

Standing Committee Chairman
Tom Verlensa from Ocean 4 has agreed to come back to the NJAOH State Board as Standing Committee. This is an important position that will make sure our Order runs smoothly and if there are issues they will be dealt swiftly and appropriately under Tom’s leadership.

Veterans Affairs
John Malone from Ocean 4 has be making his presence known more and more around NJAOH State Boards meetings and conventions. I am happy to say he has agreed to come on as Veterans chairman. He will be working with me closely on ways the NJAOH can help Veterans and seek ways the NJAOH can find ways to say THANK YOU to our Veterans.