Major Degree Held In Monmouth County

Attendees to the Major Degree in Monmouth County including AOH National VP Brendan Moore, National Secretary of AOH Charity Frank Kearney, and National Chair of Rituals & Degrees Pat Shannon

On November 12th a group of 52 Hibernians from around New Jersey took their Major Degree in Monmouth County. The Degree was run by the Monmouth County board and was hosted at the Bayshore Catholic Center by Monmouth 2. This large group of candidates came from Monmouth 2, Monmouth 16, Monmouth 32, Middlesex 1, and Ocean 2 to take part in this important experience in Hibernianism.

The ceremonies were conducted by the Cu-Chulainn Warriors Degree Team from Staten Island, New York. This team did an excellent job of conveying the teaching and experience of the AOH Major Degree to the candidates. The ceremonies were observed by Pat Shannon the AOH National Chair of Rituals & Degrees. Following the degree Chairman Shannon expressed his praise for the job done by the degree team and gave his congratulations to the candidates. He reminded all present that in addition to taking the Major Degree it is also important for AOH brothers to participate in Degrees as spectators. Observing not only provides support for those taking the degree, it provides members with a different perspective to take in more of the experience.

Also in attendance to observe the Degree were Brendan Moore, AOH National Vice President, and Frank Kearney, National Secretary of AOH Charity.