Irish American Unity Conference Blasts Nast Nomination

Mr. Thomas Burke Jr. Esq. National President of the Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC) released today the following statement on the New Jersey Hall of Fame vote and the candidacy of Thomas Nast, Journalist.

In reviewing the purpose of the New Jersey Hall of Fame as an institution and its stated purpose of acknowledging individuals as ‘role models of excellence’, it is hard to imagine a person less worthy of such recognition than Thomas Nast. The Hall of Fame notes that the cartoonist held views that might seem controversial or anachronistic today. Unfortunately there is no past tense when it comes to anti-Irish bigotry and anti-Catholic bigotry in parts of this nation and world and Thomas Nast did his part to insure such a legacy. If Nast were to be voted in to the Hall of Fame the only group to be inspired by his example would be the KKK.

Instead of an example of achievement that represents the best of American values, in Thomas Nast the Hall of Fame offers a man who didn’t simply have objectionable personal views but who was paid to use his skills to debase a people and mock a religion. Surely the citizens of New Jersey deserve better. I urge all voters to follow the example and advice of Governor Christie and vote for an end to the Nast candidacy by voting for others.

I might also suggest to the Commissioners of the Hall of Fame that a third failed candidacy bring an end to Mr. Nast’s nomination.