Hurricane Sandy

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many people who have suffered losses due to Hurricane Sandy.

The NJAOH is currently trying to assess needs to determine where our group can best help.   This is a challenge because there are AOH brothers through out the state and the hardest hit areas are also the areas with the poorest communications.

At this stage we are asking all NJAOH members to reach out to your local Division brothers to identify who may be in need of assistance.    If your Division is currently involved in relief efforts please contact the State Board so that we can support your local efforts.

In the near future the State Board is looking into organizing some direct action to help those in need.  The location and action has yet to be determined.  With so many other support groups coming into the state, we need to coordinate to ensure that any efforts are not already being done by others.    We will post any information once action is determined.

In the coming weeks and months the NJAOH will work to organize fund raisers to help to provide ongoing support for relief efforts.