Gov Christie Proclaims March As Irish-American Heritage Month

WHEREAS, New ]ersey’s Irish-American community has played an instrumental role in our history since colonial times and has made many vital contributions to the diverse cultural and economic fabric of our state; and

WHEREAS, the Irish and their Irish-American descendants have greatly influenced all aspects of life in the United States, including law enforcement, firefighting and the military, science, education, the arts, agriculture, business, industry and athletics; and

WHEREAS, the month of March provides many excellent opportunities to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our thriving Irish-American community; and

WHEREAS, the many St. Patrick’s Day parades held on or near March 17, 2012 offer New Iersey residents the chance to celebrate Irish culture and promote the well being of Irish-Americans everywhere;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, CHRIS CHRISTIE, Governor of the State of New Iersey, do hereby proclaim:


in New Iersey and encourage residents to show their support for their Irish-American neighbors.

GIVEN, under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey, this twelfth day of March in the year two thousand twelve, the two hundred thirty-sixth year of the Independence of the United States.