Fundraiser For Steve Spillane

AOH member Steve Spillane of Gloucester County needs our help.

Steve Spillane’s company (New Century Transportation) closed it’s doors and filed for bankruptcy. On June 13, 2014 was his last day of work. The bankruptcy court allowed the company to stop all benefits this included all cobra ( continued health insurance). On July 3, 2014 Steve went in for gallbladder surgery and received the worst news possible. He has Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer that spread to the liver that is not operable. Chemotherapy started the next day. Now in the hospital and undergoing treatments Steve no longer qualifies for unemployment. Steve was the bread winner in his family and now only receives state temp disability. His wife Roni is now unable to work in order to take care of Steve and the family. I am sure you can imagine how hard it is to run a family on such a decrease in income. The regular household bills keep coming, but the income does not, Now add on top of that this horrible disease! Steve, Roni, Melissa and Andrew have a huge fight ahead of them. Steve will need on going chemotherapy. They are meeting with Dr.’s to see if he can get into a clinical trial to better his treatment. The Spillane family is in need of a lot of prayers. MD Anderson Cooper has been wonderful in providing top notch medical care. However, This fight ahead of them is already accumulating copays and Rx costs that are very high. Please join us in donating any amount you can to help Steve as he begins the fight of his life. Every penny helps give the Spillane family a quality of life that is so precious at this time.

You can donate via an online fundraiser – Click To Donate