Forming a Rutgers/NJIT Newark Divison

In an endeavor to promote our organization to a younger age bracket, the State Board has been working on establishing relationships with local universities in order to form new Divisions at the universities.

As of now we have a priest, Father Brian Page of Rutgers Newark/N.J.I.T. Newark. Father Brian is eager to bring forth the Irish heritage and culture. He sees and feels that our youth is in a renaissance back to their Irish roots. He also wants to bring the youth back to the church. His parish of Saint Patrick has been made available to us.

Father Brian Page needs just three (3) students from those schools to start the process.

We are asking all AOH members to reach out to your sons, grandsons, nephews, neighbor’s children, people at church, coworkers, and any contacts that you have with fraternities. To promote this to current students of Rutgers Newark & NJIT Newark.

Please have anyone in your division, who might have any contacts at these universities contact me.

Either by email at:[email protected] or by phone, at (732) 886-0842

Respectfully your In Brotherhood, Unity and Christian Charity;

Patrick Jockel
State Organizer