Emerald Heritage Fundraiser

Brother Leo McGuire has brought a to my attention a great opportunity for our members to own a piece of land in Ireland! Emerald Heritage is a company where you can buy plots of land, get a deed that you are a land owner in Ireland and of course visit whenever you would like too. The NJAOH has been able to work with Emerald Heritage to make it a fundraiser by using code NJAOH16, NJAOH will make 15 percent off of every purchase until the end of the year. You can share this coupon code with family and friends to help raise funds for our state AOH.

For more information and to purchase land visit: https://emerald-heritage.com or contact Brother McGuire: [email protected].

Emerald Heritage was formed by Irish people for Irish people in response to the erosion of both Ireland’s landscape and aspects of our shared culture.

Not content to sit back as great swathes of Ireland’s natural habitat and history was put to the sword, never to return, we decided to act.
For an island famed for its sublime scenery and emerald hue it may come as a surprise to many to learn that Ireland is the least wooded country in Europe with just 1% of our native woodland remaining. Centuries of unchecked development has resulted in this sad statistic and unless something is done the landscape, together with the plants, birds, and animals that call it home, will be lost forever.
Emerald Heritage’s unwavering commitment to this goal led to the creation of the souvenir plot scheme. Pulling our resources to purchase land in the Glens Of Antrim we set about safeguarding the natural beauty of this island.

It’s a cause we are confident will strike a chord with people the world over. The Great Famine and subsequent Diaspora may have cast Irish men and women to the four corners, but they carried in their hearts a love of the Old Country that has been passed down through the generations.
Each plot purchased saves it from the developer’s digger. We will also re-invest your money, buying up more land, planting more trees, and restoring historical buildings under threat of demolition.

Plot sizes range from 1SF to 9SF and usually takes A week once you order to receive your proper documentation that you are indeed an Irish land owner or as they say a Squireen, a title used by Irish landowners dating back to the 19th century, anyone can, in truth, call themselves Squireen. Of course for you that title now carries genuine validity, after all you are a fully fledged Irish landowner. You will also be invited to visit the land during our 2017 Irish Gathering and meet your fellow Squireens from across the globe.

Please check out www.Emerald-Heritage.com and remember every purchase will support the NJAOH by using code NJAOH16.

In our motto,

Sean Hughes
NJAOH President