Congratualtions On Major Degree

On November 2, 2013 Hibernian Brothers from 2 States took part in a great Hibernian tradition and ritual. Thirty three Candidates from Monmouth 2, Monmouth 16, Monmouth 32, Middlesex 1, Hudson 1, Burlington 1, and Staten Island 4 (NY) received their Major Degree. Another 40 AOH members were present as observers to support their brothers in this important step in Hiberianism.

The ceremonies were conducted by the Cu-Chulainn Warriors Degree Team from Staten Island, New York. The Bayshore Catholic Center in Middletown, the home of Monmouth 2, was the venue. The degree was flawless as usual, by a team that has become great friends of all Hibernians in New Jersey. The ritual was given under the watchful eyes of Division 2 President Howie Geiler and Past Division 2 & Past NJ State President Jack Sullivan. Representing the N.J. State board was Secretary Larry Prelle and Treasurer Patrick Jockel.

We remembered the words of the late Brother Pat Shannon; “in addition to taking the Major Degree it is also extremely important for AOH brothers to participate in Degrees as observers. Observing not only provides support for those taking the degree, it provides members with a different perspective to take in more of the experience.”

Monmouth County Board President John Keane stated that this has become a great tradition in Monmouth County and stated that the county board was determined after the cancellation of the 2013 degree due to super Storm Sandy to keep this tradition alive. We are presently working on plans for the 2014 degree. The 2014 degree will be held Saturday in November 8, 2014, again at the home of Division 2.

Monmouth County Board Vice President Kevin Weldon thanked all in attendance and invited the new degreed brothers back next year to participate as observers. After the Degree the brothers where entertained by The Bogside Roques.