Committee Chairmen Appointments

With each new term the State Board appoints Hibernians to fulfill chairmen positions on the state board. These committees allow the NJAOH to organize efforts like forming new Divisions, Missions & Charity, Immigration, and other noble endeavors.

The NJAOH is pleased to announce the following appointments:

NJAOH Sentential
Jim Brogan and Finbarr Kirby have agreed to stay on as NJAOH Sententials. Jim I know has been a big part of Monmouth 2 and Finbarr a vital part of Somerset divisions. I look forward to working with them and pulling their experience from past administrations to make this one the best it can be.

NJAOH Organizer
Bill Young, former NJAOH State President has accepted the appointment of NJAOH Organizer. He has years of experience and knows how to best get divisions up and running along with helping other divisions with best practices in recruitment. I am happy to see Monmouth 32 is represented

Freedom For All Ireland
Simply the best man for the job and I am thrilled he has accepted the position, former NJAOH President Sean Pender. He will continue his good works for uniting Ireland. Mercer 1 AOH is well represented.

Mike Sweeney out of Hudson. He has attended almost every state meeting I have ever been too and brings his passion to the NJAOH. I am very happy that he has agreed to stay on the NJAOH state board and remain active on the state level in another chairmanship.

Malachy McAllister will be the NJAOH State Immigration Chairman. He clearly knows this issue better then anyone and would better to lead us.

Right To Life
John Hughes has done an outstanding job in the past with the baby bottle collections, which has raised thousands of dollars towards saving numerous lives. I am thrilled he has accepted this position and is willing to continue his good efforts on this important cause.

Constitution and Bylaws
Jim Miller out of Hudson 7 has accepted this chairmanship. He will be working with all the divisions to make sure they are in compliance and have a set of bylaws that are not only approved by the NJAOH but National AOH. This is a priority to make sure all divisions are following the rules and have the paperwork to back it up. Jim will be working closely with me to make sure everyone has what they need including the new divisions and making sure they are in compliance.

Political Action
The professor out of Mercer 1 Mike Glass has agreed to stay on chairman of political action. He has been giving us updates and good information which I am sure will continue for years to come.

Convention Chairman
As you know the annual convention regardless if it is at the state or national level is vital to our organization. Therefore, I have appointed two very talented brothers to lead us in these efforts for the upcoming years.

Dennis McEnerny out of Ocean 4 has been doing an outstanding job as our chairman getting ready for all of our brothers and sisters coming from around the country to the Garden State. He has dedicated a lot of time and effort to this tremendous event and I am honored to have him serve on the board with me.

Brian Sloan out of Monmouth 2 will be chairman of the NJAOH State convention in 2017. As you all know the state conventions move around throughout the state and in recent years they have been in National Park, Hamilton, and Belmar. Monmouth 2 was the only division to put a bid into hosting it and we are really looking forward to having them as hosts us for the next NJAOH state convention. I have no doubt they will reach out to as many brothers to make sure this is the best NJAOH convention yet.

Commodore Barry
Rich Quinn out of Gloucester 1 has agreed to be the NJAOH State chair of the Barry Memorial. Clearly, this is a very important role as we celebrate the father of the US Navy and a great Irishman.