Irish Interests

Halloween is an Ancient Irish Holiday

Halloween is part an ancient Celtic holiday and part a Cathloic Holiday. The monks that brought Christianity to Ireland incorporated the Celtic holidays with Christian holidays to help the local people make the transition between Pagan religions and Christianity. The combination of Samhain and All Saints Day is the basis for today’s Halloween. The Irish […]

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Labor Day is an ‘Irish’ Holiday too

The true meaning of the forgotten holiday for working men and women By Patricia McCarthy,¬†Irish America Editor Labor Day is a little like Christmas &emdash; people have forgotten the meaning of it. They just want the presents, the birth of Christ gets lost somewhere in the wrappings. The significance of Labor Day gets lost too […]

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John Barry Day

The 5th annual commemoration for Commodore John Barry is coming up. The wreath laying will be held on Saturday, September 10th at 11 a.m. at the Commodore Barry Bridge Plaza. Call for directions. Mass, entertainment and refreshments to follow at our club. For more information call Larry Prelle at 856-745-7974. AOH Gloucester County 1 John […]

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